March-May Off-Season Items

1. March 9-10: Scway Grade State@Santiago High School in Corona, CA

For: Freshman and Sophomores

Registration Cost: $45

Registration Link:

Spending money for the weekend: $150-200

2. March 26: Weightlifting at 2:30-3:30 after school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday

3. April 5-7: Reno Worlds@Reno, Nevada

For: Everyone

Registration Deadline: March 25

Flier Link:

Registration Link:

Registration Cost: $50 (Paid when you register)

Hotel Cost: $30 (Paid to Coach Carlos)

Pocket Money: $100-200

4. Be Prepared

As soon as dead period is over, you can continue practicing at St. Mary's High School from 6:00pm-7:30pm. Excat Days have not been determined yet.

Also be prepared for other weekends or weekday wrestling opportunities as they come to the coaches.