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Parent Night, Nov. 1@7:00pm

1. Volunteer Drivers

To be an official volunteer driver, you must complete the process through the following link:

2. Practice

a. Practice time: 3-5:30 (May vary)

b. Monday through Friday

c. Practice is mandatory. If you do not attend practice, you will not wrestle.

d. If you get in trouble in school, you will not wrestle.

e. Thanksgiving Thursday to Sunday Nov. 22-25 no practice.

f. There will be practice during Winter Break Dec. 27-January 4.

g. School Holiday practices are 8-10:30am (May vary)

3. Hygiene

a. Always practice with clean workout clothes.

b. Wrestlers need to shower at school or immediately when they get home (Dial antibacterial soap is recommended:

c. Antifungal foot cream from Wal-Mart:

4. Competitions

a. High School competitions are mandatory

b. We arrive as a team and we leave as a team.

c. Wrestlers need to pack: wresting shoes, singlet, warm-up gear, head gear, mouth piece, healthy-sensible breakfast and lunch, and food money.

d. Healthy food ideas: cereal/milk, fruits, bagels with cream cheese, Subway sandwich, lots of water, or gatorade.

e. Not healthy: fast food, soda, chips.

5. Parent Volunteers and Donation for Dec. 1 and Dec. 16 tournaments.

a. We need parent volunteers to work snack bar and gate.

b. We need donations: bottled water, soda, hot dogs, hot dog buns, chips, muffins, peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches, etc.

6. Boosters

a. We need parents to become involved with the boosters. If we don't have parent help, we have no more boosters. No more boosters, then we will have fewer competitions.

Tokay High School

1111 W. Century Blvd

Lodi, CA 95240

Tokay Wrestling Boosters
2715 W. Kettleman Ln

Suite 203-125

Lodi, CA 95242